3.8 Challenge/Response Administration

When you log in, the Client for Open Enterprise checks to see if your system administrator has enabled the Forgotten Password feature and if you have entered responses to the challenge questions. If you have not entered responses, you are notified and a dialog box opens so that you can enter your responses. If the password policy uses a password hint or a password reminder and this option was not set, the Client prompts you to enter this information.

If your system administrator has not enabled the Forgotten Password feature, you receive a message telling you that you cannot administer the challenge/response feature because Forgotten Password has not been enabled

  1. Right-click Novell Client tray application icon, then click User Administration for > Challenge/Response Administration.

  2. Depending on how your system administrator configured the challenge sets, enter your information in the dialog boxes presented.

    For example, if your administrator specifies four questions in the challenge set, enter your information in four different dialog boxes.

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the challenge/response configuration.

  4. Click OK when you receive a message telling you that your challenge/response data has been updated.