3.0 Deploying ZENworks Appliance

A Management Zone consists of one or more Primary Servers and one or more managed devices. The Primary Servers can be set up on both physical and virtual machines in a zone by installing and configuring the ZENworks software. You can also set up the Primary Server on the supported virtual infrastructure by deploying ZENworks Appliance to it.

To deploy ZENworks Appliance, perform the tasks in the following sections:


  • You cannot uninstall the ZENworks 10 Asset Management SP3 Server and ZENworks 10 Asset Management SP3 ZENworks Reporting Server that are installed as a part of the ZENworks Appliance deployment.

  • There is a security vulnerability issue on Linux devices that run on 64-bit kernels, due to which the local users are allowed root data access. There is no patch update available for SLES 10 SP2 64-bit operating system. Hence, use your discretion while creating local users.