4.0 Managing and Monitoring ZENworks Appliance

After deploying ZENworks 10 Asset Management SP3 Appliance (ZENworks Appliance), you can manage and monitor it by using the pre-installed applications such as YaST and GNOME System Monitor. The YaST Control Center allows you to administer and maintain the preinstalled customized SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP2 by configuring hardware, setting up networks and services, and so on. The GNOME System Monitor allows you to monitor the programs and processes running on your computer, assess the activity of running processes, view the disk space usage, and so on.

NOTE:You can install the VMware tools package after deploying ZENworks Appliance to your virtual infrastructure. These tools are not packaged with ZENworks Appliance.

To manage and monitor ZENworks Appliance through the YaST Control Center and GNOME System Monitor:

  1. Log in to ZENworks Appliance as a root user.

  2. (Conditional) If you want to manage ZENworks Appliance, from the desktop Computer menu, click Applications > YaST.

    The YaST Control Center is displayed.

    For more information on how to work with the YaST Control Center, see System Configuration with YaST, in the SLES 10 SP2 Installation and Administration Guide.

  3. (Conditional) If you want to monitor ZENworks Appliance, double-click the GNOME System Monitor icon desktop shortcut.


    From the desktop Computer menu, click Applications > GNOME System Monitor.

    The System Monitor window is displayed.