A.2 Inventory Workflow on a Primary Server

The Inventory Storer that is attached to the loader service wakes up every 30 seconds and checks the <Installed Path>ZENworks\work\collection\inventory folder. The Storer then picks up all the files in the <Installed Path>ZENworks\work\collection\inventory folder, which are saved as <timestamp>-<device guid>-delta.zip files. The Inventory Storer loads all the zipped files present in the folder, unzips the files, and sorts the files according to the time stamp per device. The unzipped files are stored in an XML format as<timestamp>-<device guid>-delta.xml.

The Inventory Storer then begins processing each file by creating a WIF object out of the extracted XML files. After the processing is complete, the data is moved to the database as part of processing of the WIF XML for that device. After the WIF processing is complete, the XML file is moved to either a success or failure folder under <Installed Path>ZENworks\work\collection\inventory according to the errors caused by XML formats/database insert/update/delete issues that occurred during processing.