5.1 ZENworks Startup Options

ZENworks Application Virtualization can be configured to require the ZENworks Adaptive Agent to be installed on the host device executing the virtual application. By default, virtual applications built with ZENworks Application Virtualization do not require the ZENworks Adaptive Agent.

To configure the ZENworks Startup options:

  1. While configuring the virtual application, click the ZENworks button on the left side of the ZENworks Application Virtualization console to display the ZENworks Startup settings.

  2. Select the Require ZENworks Configuration Management Agent to be installed on workstation executing the virtual application check box.

    The ZENworks Adaptive Agent is part of the ZENworks Configuration Management software that is installed on each managed device to let the ZENworks administrator manage devices over the network.

    If the ZENworks Adaptive Agent is not installed on the device attempting to launch the virtual application, it cannot be launched.

  3. (Conditional) Select the Only allow devices registered in specified zone to execute the application check box, click Select Zone, specify the ZENworks Server Address and the Zone, then click OK.

    The Management Zone is the management domain that includes the ZENworks Primary Servers and managed devices in your ZENworks system.

    When specifying the ZENworks Server Address, you might need to use the secure HTTP prefix (https://) to connect to a secure ZENworks Configuration Management Server. If the ZENworks Configuration Management Server has been configured to use a custom port number, you might need to use a port number suffix (:81).

    If the device attempting to launch the virtual application is not registered to the specified Management Zone, the application cannot be launched.

  4. Continue with the steps for configuring the virtual application:

    • GroupWise Messenger: Step 11.

    • GroupWise and GroupWise Notify: Step 12.

    • Novell OpenOffice or LibreOffice: Step 11.