6.1 Streaming Tools Included in the Product Download

The ZENworks Application Virtualization product is packaged for download as ZAV--Studio.zip, ZAV--Streaming.zip and ZAV-11.1-Server.zip.

The ZAV--Studio.zip file includes the following:

  • Setup.msi: The Microsoft Windows Installer setup package for ZENworks Application Virtualization.

The ZAV--Streaming.zip file includes the following:

  • StreamingServer/StandaloneTemplate.zip: The Standalone Streaming Web Server code used to host applications for streaming.

  • Tools/SpoonPlay.exe: The SpoonPlay command line utility used to stream applications.

  • Tools/SpoonReg.exe: A command line tool used with SpoonPlay to supply some shell integration such as desktop shortcuts, start menu shortcuts, and file associations.

  • Tools/XVm.exe: A program called by SpoonPlay to run a streamed application. This file must be copied to the same folder where you run SpoonPlay.exe.

  • Tools/MSNet_x86_2.0.50727_3.svm: If the SpoonReg.exe tool is to be run in an environment that doesn’t have the Microsoft .NET framework already installed, this file must remain in the same folder as SpoonReg.exe.

The ZAV-11.1-Server.zip file includes the following:

  • zav-server.exe: The ZAV Server installer.

Extract the ZAV--Studio.zip,the ZAV--Streaming.zip and the ZAV-11.1-Server.zip files, and save the appropriate files on the machines where you want them. For more details, see Section 6.2, Streaming Virtual Applications from the Web or Section 6.3, Streaming Virtual Applications from a Network Share.