1.0 Overview

Novell® ZENworks® Application Virtualization lets you convert applications that run on Microsoft* Windows* into self-contained virtual applications. After being virtualized, an application becomes a single, isolated file that runs instantly from anywhere, including a thumb drive or other removable media. Unlike traditional installation methods, the single virtual application file does not require a separate setup process, and does not rely on external components and runtimes, reboots, or administrative privileges. The application is now isolated from other system applications, preventing DLL conflicts and other deployment nightmares, yet the experience for the application’s user is unchanged.

ZENworks Application Virtualization lets you use the Configuration Wizard to prepare Novell GroupWise®, GroupWise Messenger, and Novell OpenOffice for virtualization.

To virtualize GroupWise, GroupWise Messenger, and Novell OpenOffice, you have the following options: