4.2 Generating Diagnostic Mode Virtual Applications

Sometimes errors from virtual application configuration result in an executable that fails to run properly. These typically happen when there is an error in the virtualization configuration, such as a missing file or registry entry.

ZENworks Application Virtualization Studio enables you to create diagnostic-mode executables. Diagnostic-mode executables generate logging data that can assist in virtualization problem diagnosis.

To generate a diagnostic-mode executable:

  1. In the Output section of the virtual application, select Generate Diagnostic Mode Executable.

  2. Select Build to generate the executable.

This generates an xclog_<id>.txt file in the application startup directory. The file contains detailed diagnostic data gathered during execution. Use a tool such as DebugView to examine the file for entries labeled WARNING or ERROR, that might help you diagnose virtualization errors. If you require assistance from Novell Technical Support to resolve issues, submit this information along with your support request to facilitate a faster resolution.

NOTE:Because diagnostic-mode executables run significantly slower than standard executables, and generate very large log files, diagnostic-mode executables should not be distributed to your end users except for diagnosing an issue.