E-mail Notification

The E-mail Notification panel on the SMTP Settings page lets you configure the SMTP server for sending the e-mail notifications to ZENworks administrators. In addition to configuring the SMTP server in this panel, you must also use the Centralized Message Logging configuration settings and Reporting Server settings to enable e-mail notifications, and specify the recipients.

SSL is supported automatically. The SMTP server is connected to using a plain connection, then an SSL encryption connection is requested using the STARTTLS directive. If the server supports this directive, all communication is done via SSL; otherwise, communication remains in plain text.

SMTP Server Address

Specify the DNS name or the IP address of the SMTP server.


Specify the port number on which the SMTP server is listening.

SMTP Server Requires Authentication

If the SMTP server requires authentication, select this option and fill in the username and password fields.

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