11.3 Adding Products to a Software Collection

  1. In the Software Collections list, click the software collection to which you want to add products.

  2. Click the Member Products tab.

  3. Add discovered products as members of the collection:

    1. In the Discovered Products panel, click Add > Installed Discovered Products if you want to see only discovered products that are installed on devices in your Management Zone.


      Click Add > Any Discovered Product to see all discovered products included in the Knowledgebase.

    2. Browse for and select the products you want to add, then click OK to add them to the Discovered Products list.

  4. Mark the member products as required or non-required.

    A software collection’s member products can be required or non-required. By default, member products are set as Required when you add them to the list. Required member products must be present on a device in order for the installation to qualify as a software collection installation. Non-required member products do not need to be present; however, if they are present, their installation is counted under the software collection installation rather than an individual discovered product installation.

    1. To change a required product to non-required, select the product by clicking the check box next to it, then click Action > Clear Required.

    2. To change a non-required product to required, select the product by clicking the check box next to it, then click Action > Set Required.