9.7 Unregistering a Device

A device is automatically unregistered when the ZENworks Adaptive Agent is uninstalled.

You can manually unregister a device if necessary. Unregistration of a device must be done at the device using the ZENworks Adaptive Agent command line utility (zac).

  1. At the device, open a command prompt.

  2. Enter the following command:

    zac unr [-f] [-u ZENworks Administrator username -p ZENworks Administrator password]

    For example:

    zac unr -u zadmin -p novell

    The -f, -u, and -p parameters are optional. If you don’t use the -u and -p parameters, you are prompted to enter a username and password. The -f parameter ignores the ZENworks database and forces the device to be unregistered locally; this option is only necessary if the device object has already been deleted from the ZENworks database or if the device cannot connect to the database.