12.3 Installing on NetWare

  1. Make sure you have downloaded ZENworks_Adaptive_Agent_Netware.zip to a device that has access to the target NetWare server. If you haven’t, see Section 12.1, Downloading Module from the ZENworks Server.

  2. Extract ZENworks_Adaptive_Agent_Netware.zip to sys:\temp\zen_aa on the target NetWare server.

  3. Enter the following command at the NetWare console to start the install:

    sys:\temp\zen_aa\install ZENworks_Server_IP_Address

    For example:


    The Inventory-Only module files are copied to sys:\zenworks\zaa and zenaa.nlm is loaded.

    If zenaa.nlm is not loaded, enter the following command:

    load zenaa

    The device is added to the Inventoried devices page in ZENworks Control Center (Devices tab > Inventoried tab > Servers folder).