1.4 Database Requirements

If you choose to use a database for the ZENworks database other than the embedded Sybase SQL Anywhere database that is available as the default for ZENworks 10 Configuration Management, the other database must meet the following requirements:

Table 1-5 Database Requirements



Database Version

Sybase SQL Anywhere 10.0.1; Sybase SQL Anywhere or later for ZENworks Reporting Server

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (Enterprise and Standard editions are supported)

Oracle 10g Standard Release 2 -,,

TCP ports

The server must allow Primary Server communication on the database port. For MS SQL, make sure to configure static ports for the database server.

The default ports are:

  • 1433 for MS SQL

  • 2638 for Sybase SQL

  • 1521 for Oracle

IMPORTANT:You can change the default port number if you have a conflict. However, you must make sure that the port is opened for the Primary Server to talk to the database.

WAN consideration

Primary Servers and the ZENworks database must reside on the same network segment. Primary Servers cannot write across a WAN to the ZENworks database.

Default Character Set

For Sybase, the UTF-8 character set is required.

For MS SQL, ZENworks Configuration Management does not require any specific character set. ZENworks Configuration Management supports all character sets supported by MS SQL.

For Oracle, the NLS_CHARACTERSET parameter must be set to AL32UTF8 and the NLS_NCHAR_CHARACTERSET parameter must be set to AL16UTF16.


ZENworks 10 Configuration Management is not supported with a case-sensitive instance of the MS SQL database. Hence, you must make sure that the database is case insensitive before setting it up.

Database User

Make sure that there is no restriction for the ZENworks database user to connect to a remote database.

For example, if the ZENworks database user is an Active Directory user, make sure that the Active Directory policies allow the user to connect to a remote database.

Database Settings

For MS SQL, set the READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT setting to ON so that it allows read access to information in the database while data is being written or modified.

To set the READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT setting to ON, execute the following command at the database server prompt:


NOTE:You must adhere to the following guidelines to configure the database settings:

  • Before configuring the database settings, stop all the ZENworks Services on all the ZENworks Servers.

  • After configuring the settings, start all the ZENworks Services on all the ZENworks Servers.

For detailed information on how to stop and start the ZENworks Services, see ZENworks Server in the ZENworks 10 Configuration Management System Administration Reference.