7.1 Correct Order for Uninstalling ZENworks Software

When uninstalling ZENworks software from selected components of your Management Zone (for example, a Primary Server or a managed device), there is no specific order that you need to follow.

However, if you want to completely remove the ZENworks software from all components in your Management Zone (effectively removing ZENworks from your environment), we recommend that you uninstall the software in the reverse order that it was installed. This means that you would:

  1. Uninstall the Adaptive Agent from each managed device.

  2. Uninstall all Satellite devices.

  3. Uninstall all Primary Servers other than your database Primary Server. Your database Primary Server is the one that is hosting the embedded ZENworks database. Or, if you are using an external ZENworks database, it is the first Primary Server that was installed.

    If you don’t uninstall all Primary Servers before your database Primary Server, those Primary Servers become orphaned when you delete the database Primary Server and cannot be uninstalled from ZENworks Control Center.

  4. Uninstall the database Primary Server.