1.0 What Is Novell ZENworks Personality Migration?

Novell ZENworks Personality Migration is part of the Novell ZENworks Configuration Management product line.

A personality is a collection of applications and system settings that a user commonly uses on a device. Typical settings can be desktop wallpaper, e-mail account settings, browser proxy settings, files and folders, archived e-mails, Microsoft office templates, Microsoft Office macros, etc.

ZENworks Personality Migration provides a way to automate this process, both on a standalone device or from a centrally managed console. The process significantly reduces the time and effort required in setting up or reconfiguring a desktop for users. This is particularly useful while provisioning new desktops and applications.

ZENworks Personality Migration allows you to store the personality of a Windows user and migrate the personality to another Windows user. For enterprise-scale migrations, you can use ZENworks Configuration Management to distribute Directive bundles to store and apply personality settings to the users.

The Personality Migration utility is provided with ZENworks Configuration Management. For more information on installing the utility, see Section 2.0, Installing ZENworks Personality Migration.

The utility allows you to:

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