2.3 Installing ZENworks Personality Migration by Using ZENworks Bundles

  1. In your Web browser, access the following URL:


    The zenworks_primary_server_id is the IP address of your ZENworks Primary Server from where you want to download the Personality Migration utility.

  2. Download ZenworksPersonalityMigration.exe to a temporary location.

  3. Create a directive bundle with an Install File(s) action by using the ZenworksPersonalityMigration.exe file located on the ZENworks server. Specify a destination folder on the managed device to install this file.

    For example, you can specify the destination folder as C:\Install.

  4. Add a Launch Executable action in the install set of the bundle that you created. In the General tab, specify the path where the ZENworksPersonalityMigration.exe file is located on the managed device in the Command option.

    For example, if the ZENworksPersonalityMigration.exe file is located in C:\Install on the managed device, then the path is C:\Install\ZENworksPersonalityMigration.exe.

  5. In the Command Line Parameters, enter /quiet to install Personality Migration without user intervention.

  6. Click the Advanced tab, then do the following:

    1. Set the Executable security level to Run as secure system user.

    2. Set the Wait before proceeding to next action to When action is complete.

  7. Assign this bundle to the managed device.