D.1 System Settings

You can migrate the following system settings with ZENworks Personality Migration:

Table D-1 System Settings




  • Accessibility


  • Appearance

  • Desktop Icons

  • Fonts

  • Folder Options

  • Login Screen

  • Screen Saver

  • Task Bar

  • Wallpaper

Date and Regional Settings

  • Date and Time

  • Regional Settings

Keyboard, Mouse and Other Hardware

  • Keyboard

  • Mouse

  • Power Options

  • Local Printers

    NOTE:ZENworks 10 Personality Migration does not support migrating of a network printer although you can select it.


  • Dialup

  • Mapped Drives

  • Networking

  • Sharepoints

Sounds and Multimedia

  • Sounds

NOTE:While migrating system settings such as themes that are unavailable in the operating system on the destination device, then after migration, the default theme of the operating system on the destination device is applied.