B.1 Installing the IPPman Utility

The IPPman utility is installed by default in the ZENworks installation directory of the ZENworksConfiguration Management server. However, you might need to manually install the utility on a device in the following scenarios:

  1. Copy the ippmanagement.zip file from the ZENworks_installation_directory\novell\zenworks\install\downloads\tools directory to a temporary location.


    Download the file from ZENworks Control Center (in the Common Tasks, click Download ZENworks Tools > Administrative Tools).

  2. Extract the ippmanagement.zip file to a temporary location.

  3. Set the IPPMAN_HOME environment variable to the directory where you extracted IPPman.

  4. Set the JAVA_HOME environment variable to the JDK installation directory.

    For information related with JAVA version specifications, see Administration Browser Requirements in the ZENworks 10 Configuration Management Installation Guide.

  5. At the command prompt of the device, go to the directory where the .zip contents are extracted and run ippman.bat from the bin folder.