A.2 Action - Linked Application Bundle

The Action - Linked Application Bundle dialog box allows you to link an Application bundle to the selected Imaging bundle. The content of the linked application bundle is deployed from the device local add-on imaging path (%ZENWORKS_HOME%\work\addons\ on Windows) based upon the deployment schedule of the user or device assignment, which is added to the application bundle.

Add/Edit Action - Linked Application Bundle

The add-on image is dynamically created from the linked application bundle when the imaging bundle is applied. However, you must create the add-on image in the application bundle in order for this to work.

To link to the application bundle and create the add-on image in that bundle:

  1. On the Actions tab of the Imaging bundle, then click Add in the Preboot section.

  2. Specify a link name in the Action Name field.

  3. In the Select an Application Bundle to Link to field, browse for and select the bundle.

  4. Click OK to make the link.

  5. If the add-on image has not yet been created in the linked application bundle, do the following:

    1. Click Bundles in the left pane, click the desired Windows application bundle, then in the Add-on Image File field on the Summary tab, click Create.

    2. In the Bundle Add-on Image Wizard, click Add.

    3. Browse for and select an Imaging Server, then click Finish.

      The image of the application bundle is created and used when the Imaging bundle is applied to the devices.