D.3 Setting Up Preboot Services for ZENworks Third-Party Imaging

Preboot Services uses PXE to find out if there is imaging work specified for a device and to provide the device with the files necessary to boot to the third-party imaging environment.

Before you can use Preboot Services with automated Imaging bundles, you need to do the following:

  1. Install ZENworks Configuration Management on your Imaging Server.

    For more information on how to install ZENworks Configuration Management, see Installing the ZENworks Server in the ZENworks 10 Configuration Management Installation Guide.

  2. Configure the third-party Imaging settings in ZENworks Control Center:

    1. Ensure that Microsoft Windows Automated Installation Kit 1.0/1.1/3.0 (WAIK) is installed on the device running ZENworks Control Center.

      You can download WAIK from the Microsoft Download Center Web site.

    2. (Conditional) If you want to run ZENworks Control Center on a 64-bit device, append the WAIK_installation_path\Windows AIK\Tools\x86 to the Path Windows system environment variable.

    3. In ZENworks Control Center, click Configuration tab.

    4. In the Management Zone Settings panel, click Device Management > Preboot Services > the Third Party Imaging Settings panel.

      Third Party Imaging Settings panel
    5. In the Upload WinPE Base Distribution option, click the Browse icon icon to browse for and select winpe.wim. By default, winpe.wim is installed in \waik\tools\petools\x86.

      NOTE:If the Novell File Upload extension is not installed on the device, you must install it before you can browse to and upload the file.

    6. Click OK.

      This downloads the Imaging files from server to the device running ZENworks Control Center and also uploads files from the device to the server. The progress of download and upload of files is displayed in the Status field.

    7. In the Upload ImageX Files to Support WIM Imaging option, click the Browse icon icon to browse for and select the Microsoft Imaging engine (imagex.exe) installed on the device running ZENworks Control Center. By default, imagex.exe is installed in \waik\tools\x86.

    8. In the Upload Ghost 11.5 or higher files to support Ghost imaging(Ghost32.exe) option, click Browse icon to browse for and select the Symantec Ghost engine (ghost32.exe) installed along with the Ghost solution on any device in your network.

    9. Click Apply.

    10. Click Status to view the status of content replication across all Primary Servers and Satellites in the management zone.

      IMPORTANT:You must start the Imaging operation only when the status is Available.

  3. Enable PXE on the device.

  4. Ensure that you have a standard DHCP server, either on your Imaging Server or on another network server.