K.5 March 30, 2010: SP3 (10.3)

Updates were made to the following sections:



Imaging Operations in a ZENworks Asset Management Agent and ZENworks Desktop Management Agent Coexistence Environment

Newly added the section.

Section E.3, Novell ZENworks ISD Service (novell-zisdservice)

Added the following note:

NOTE:After installing the ZENworks Adaptive Agent on a Windows 7 device or Windows Server 2008 R2 and subsequently rebooting the devices, only the device ID and the device GUID are written into the ISD. Consequently, ziswin displays only the device ID and the device GUID. However, this does not have any impact on the functionality of ZENworks 10 Configuration Management. Other device data are retrieved on the subsequent reboot (manual or automatic) of the device.

Multicasting Using the Imaging Maintenance Mode Prompt

Added a new option, -retry, for the -master parameter of the -session mode command.

Obtaining the Linux Source Code Tree

The section has been updated with information about obtaining the kernel source RPM appropriate to the kernel version.

Section J.2, Troubleshooting Preboot Services and Imaging Services