1.1 Zone Configuration

Before you start distributing software and applying policies to devices, there are a few configuration tasks you need to complete to ensure that your Management Zone is configured to let you take full advantage of ZENworks management capabilities.

Table 1-1 Zone Configuration Tasks



Folder icon

Create folders and groups for organizing devices

Organize devices into folders and groups to ease the overhead involved in applying ZENworks configuration settings and performing tasks on similar devices. Rather than making assignments or performing tasks on individual devices, you can manage the folders and groups, with each device in a folder or group inheriting the assignment or task.

For instructions, see Section 3.1, Organizing Devices: Folders and Groups.

Registration icon

Create registration keys or rules

The ZENworks Adaptive Agent must be installed on each device that you want to manage. When you deploy the ZENworks Adaptive Agent to a device, the device is registered in your Management Zone.

You can use registration keys or rules to automatically assign devices to the appropriate folders and groups, ensuring that they immediately receive the correct configuration settings and software and policy assignments.

For instructions, see Section 3.2, Registering Devices.

Usersource icon

Add user sources

You can assign software and policies to users as well as devices. Unlike device-assigned software and policies, user-assigned software and policies are available on the device only when the user is logged in to the Management Zone.

You do not manually add users to your Management Zone. Instead, you connect to an LDAP directory that you want to use as your authoritative user source in ZENworks. You can then make software and policy assignments to any users defined in the user source.

For instructions, see Section 3.3, Connecting to User Sources.

Admin icon

Create additional administrator accounts

During installation, a default ZENworks administrator account (named Administrator) is created. The default Administrator account provides rights to the entire Management Zone.

You can create additional administrator accounts that restrict access to the zone. For example, you could create an account that only provides the ability to assign software to devices or users in specific folders.

For instructions, see Section 3.4, Creating ZENworks Administrator Accounts.

Configuration icon

Modify zone configuration settings

Your zone settings are preset to provide the most common configuration. If necessary, you can change the settings.

For instructions, see Section 3.5, Modifying Configuration Settings.