B.0 Filters for Dynamic Groups

The filters in the dynamic workstation groups dictate the membership of the device in a group. The following section contains information about filters that are used for dynamic groups.

Table B-1 Filters for Dynamic Groups

Filter Name


Device – Agent Version

The version of the ZENworks Adaptive Agent installed on the device.

Device – DNS

The DNS name of the device.

Device – Date Added

The Date when device is added to the Zone.

Device – Department

The Department to which device belongs to.

Device – Full Name Including Folder

The Full name of device starting with /Device/..

Device – Host Name

The Hostname of the device.

Device – Is Retired

The State of the device (retired or not).

Device – Is Test

If the device is marked as a test device or not.

Device – Language

The locale on the device.

Device- Last Contact

The Last Contact time of the device.

Device – Last Full Refresh

The Last full refresh time of the device.

Device – Last Inventory Scan

The last inventory scan of the device.

Device – Location

The location of the device.

Device – Owner

The Owner of the device.

Device – Platform

The OS on the device (Linux/Windows).

Device – Port Number

The Port number to which quick tasks have to be sent.

Device – Primary User Calculated

The calculated primary user on the device.

Device – Registered Operating System

The OS on the device.

Device – Server Role

The server role present on the device.

Device – Site

The device site.

Device – Type

The type of the device (server/workstation).

Inventory – Building

The building information from inventory.

Inventory – Cost Center

The cost center information form inventory.

Inventory – Department

The department information from inventory.

Inventory – Floor

The floor information from inventory.

Inventory – Last Load Date

The Last load date from inventory.

Inventory – Last Scan Date

The Last scan date from inventory.

Inventory – Room

The Room from inventory.

Inventory – Site

The Site from inventory.

Machine – Asset Tag

The Asset tag of the device.

Machine – Asset Type

The Asset type (windows server/Windows,Linux,MAC).

Machine – Avail Memory Slots

The Memory slots available on the machine.

Machine – CPU Count

The number of CPUs on the device

Machine – CPU Product

The make of CPU on the device.

Machine – CPU Speed

The speed of CPU.

Machine – Chassis Type

The chassis type of the machine.

Machine – Create Date

The date when the machine is created.

Machine – Date Last Modified

The last date when the machine is modified.

Machine – Default Gateway

The default gateway configured on the machine.

Machine – Free Hard Disk Space

The amount of free disk space available.

Machine – IP Address

The IP address of the device.

Machine – Inventory Type

The inventory type of the machine.

Machine – Is Leased

If the machine is leased or not.

Machine – LAN Address

The MAC address of the device.

Machine – Lease Contract ID

The lease contract id of the device.

Machine – Lease Expiration Date

The Lease expiration date of the device.

Machine – Login Name

The Login names available on the devices.

Machine – Name

The Name of the machine.

Machine – Phone Number

The Phone number added to machine.

Machine – Serial Number

The Serial number assigned to the device.

Machine – Subnet Mask

The Subnet mask assigned to the device.

Machine – System Manufacturer

The Manufacturer of the system.

Machine – System Model

The Model of the device.

Machine – System Product

The Product hosting the system.

Machine – Total Hard Disk Space

The Total hard disk space on the device.

Machine – Total Memory

The Total memory available on the device.

Machine – Virtual Machine Type

The Type of virtual machine.

Operating System – Build

The Build number of OS.

Operating System – Manufacturer

The Manufacturer of OS.

Operating System – Model

The Model of OS.

Operating System – Product

The Product name of OS.

Operating System – Service Pack

The Service Pack of OS.

Primary User – E-mail

The E-mail of calculated primary user.

Primary User – First Name

The First name of calculated primary user.

Primary User – Last Name

The Last name of calculated primary user.

Primary User – Phone

The Phone number of calculated primary user.

Product – Manufacturer

The Manufacturer of a product.

Product – Name

The Name of a product.

Product – Version

The Version of the product.