3.3 Managing a Remote Execute Session

Remote Execute lets you remotely run executables with system privileges on the managed device. To execute an application on the managed device, launch the Remote Execute session.

  1. Launch the Remote Execute session.

    For information on launching a Remote Execute session, see Section 2.8, Starting Remote Management Operations.

  2. Specify the executable name.

    If the application is not in the system path of the managed device, then specify the complete path of the application. If you do not specify the extension of the file you want to execute at the managed device, Remote Execute appends the.exe extension.

  3. Click Execute.

The remote execution of the specified application might fail if the application is not available on the managed device in the defined path.

WARNING:By default, the Remote Management module runs as a service with system privileges on the managed device. Hence, all the applications launched during the Remote Execute session also run with system privileges. For security reasons, we strongly recommend that you close the application after use.