4.8 Remote Operator Identification

When a remote operator launches a remote session from ZENworks Control Center, a certificate that helps the managed device to identify the remote operator is automatically generated. However, if the remote operator launches the session in a standalone mode, the certificate is not generated and the remote operator is recorded as An Unknown User in the audit logs, the Visible Signal and the Ask User Permission dialog box. The Remote Management service retrieves the identity of the remote operator by using the certificate provided by the management console during the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) handshake. The SSL handshake happens for all the types of authentication except for the VNC password authentication.

The Remote Management service on the device displays the details of the remote operator in the visible signal dialog box, if the Give Visible Signal to the User on the Managed Device option is enabled in the policy effective on the device. It also logs the information about the remote operator in the Remote Management Audit logs.