1.6 Reporting Terminology

Following are the terms associated with the ZENworks Reporting Server reports:

Table 1-1 ZENworks Reporting Terminology



ZENworks Reporting Server InfoView

The main user interface for working with reports through ZENworks Reporting Server. The ZENworks Reporting Server InfoView runs within your Web browser and gives you the ability to view, export, print, and schedule reports.


A file that contains SQL structures and the schema of the tables and joins used in the database.

Web Intelligence Document

A report that is generated by selecting a universe in ZENworks Reporting Server InfoView and building one or more queries to define the data content of the documents.

Report Definition

A Web Intelligence document containing report information, such as database fields.

Report Instance

A report instance is created when you run a scheduled report. The report instance contains only the data that is available at the time you run the report. The latest report instance contains the most recent data.

Administrator Account

The individual who uses Administrator as the username to log in to the ZENworks Reporting Server.