E.3 Action - Copy Files

The Action - Copy Files dialog box lets you specify files to copy to the device.

Figure E-3 Action - Copy Files Dialog Box

You access this dialog box by using the following methods:

File Details: Click Add to display the Select Files dialog box. Click the Help button for more information.

Executable Security Level: Click More Options to specify the executable security level options.

On Windows 2000/XP/Vista, the application executable can run in either the “user” space or the “system” space. By default, the Run normal option is selected, which causes the application to run in the “user” space and inherit the same workstation security level as the logged-in user.

If the logged-in user's security level does not provide sufficient rights and file access to run the application, you can configure the application to run in the “system” space or as a dynamic administrator, as described below: