E.9 Action - Edit Text File

The Action - Edit Text File dialog box lets you specify a file and configure the list of changes to be performed on the file.

Figure E-9 Action - Edit Text File Dialog Box

You access this dialog box by using the following methods:

Filename: Specify the file that you want to change. For example, ${SystemDrive}\Program Files\myfile.txt.

File Backup(s) to Retain: Specify the number of backups of the text file to retain. The default is 5 backup copies, but you can specify any number between 1 and 25. When the number of backup copies of the file exceeds the number specified here, the oldest backup file is overwritten.

Encoding: Specify the encoding that you want to use:

File Operation > Specify Contents of the File: Use this option to specify the contents of the text file.

File Operation > Specify Changes to the File: Use this option to specify the changes to the text file.

Run Action As: Specify System (the default) or User from the Run Action As list. Specify System if removing files requires access to all areas of the device’s file system. If you use mapped network drives to specify files and directories, you must run the action as User.