E.28 Action - Store Personality

The Store Personality page lets you specify the personality migration template and the path where the Platform Neutral Package (PNP) file is to be created.

Figure E-33 Action - Store Personality Dialog Box

You access this dialog box by using the following methods:

Upload a template from this device Select this option and click Browse icon to display the Upload content dialog box. Browse to and select the template to upload.

Specify a template on the managed device Select this option to specify the path of personality migration template file on the managed device. You can also specify the UNC path of the file.

Path where the PNP file is to be created Specify the path of the PNP file on the managed device for storing the migration settings and data. You can also specify the UNC path of the file.

Password to encrypt the PNP file Select this check box to enter a password to protect the PNP file.

In the Re-enter the password field, re-enter the password to confirm it.

Span to multiple files You can choose to span the personality migration data across multiple files to enable you to store data in removable media. The available options are: