2.0 Administrators

During installation, a default ZENworks administrator account (named Administrator) is created. This account, called a Super Administrator account, provides full administrative rights to the Management Zone.

Typically, you should create administrator accounts for each person who will perform administrative tasks. You can define these accounts as Super Administrator accounts, or you can define them as administrator accounts with restricted rights. For example, you could give a user an administrator account that only enables him or her to discover and register devices in the Management Zone. Or the account could only enable the user to assign bundles to devices, or could limit the user to performing asset management tasks such as contract, license, and document management.

IMPORTANT:In addition to the default Administrator account, you should make sure that you have at least one other Super Administrator account. This provides redundancy in case the password for the Administrator account is forgotten or lost. For information on how to create a Super Administrator account, see Section 2.2.1, Assigning Super Administrator Rights. If you need any further help, contact Novell Support.

In some cases, you might have multiple administrator accounts that require the same administrative rights. Rather than assign rights to each account individually, you can create an administrator role, assign the administrative rights to the role, and then add the accounts to the role. For example, you might have a Help Desk role that provides administrative rights required by several of your administrators.

You can use ZENworks Control Center (ZCC) or the zman command line utility to create and modify administrator accounts and assign roles. The following procedures explain how to perform these tasks by using ZCC. If you prefer the zman command line utility, see Administrator Commands in the ZENworks 10 Configuration Management Command Line Utilities Reference.