21.1 Understanding Available Updates

The following figure illustrates the Available System Updates panel:

Figure 21-1 Available System Updates Panel

The following table explains the column information and the Auto Refresh drop-down list (on the right side of the panel, above Target Type). For some columns, you can sort the listed information by clicking a column heading. Click it again to reverse the sorting order.

Table 21-1 Available System Updates column descriptions.

Column Heading or List


Update Name

Displays the name of the update, which is created by Novell.

Click the name to access the Release Details page.

For more information, see Section 24.0, Reviewing the Content of an Update.

Release Date

Displays the date that Novell created the update.

Download Date

Displays the date that you downloaded the update.

Applied Date

Displays the date that you applied the update.


Displays the current status of the update, which is automatically updated every 15 seconds. For more information on the individual statuses, see Section 25.0, Update Statuses.


Displays the relative importance of the update’s content to your ZENworks installation. Some possible entries include:

OPTIONAL: Not required for normal operation of ZENworks.

MANDATORY: A required update that must be applied.

Target Type

Displays the type of update, such as:

ZENworks Servers: The update applies only to ZENworks Servers.

All Devices: The update applies to all managed devices, including ZENworks Servers.

Auto Refresh

Click Auto Refresh (the menu item on the right side of the panel, above Target Type), then select one of the following:

  • No Auto Refresh

  • 15-second Refresh

  • 30-second Refresh

  • 60-second Refresh

By default the panel view is not automatically refreshed. However, you can manually refresh the view by clicking the System Updates tab.