24.2 Update Release Details

Table 24-1 Information from the System Update Release Details Panel

Column Heading


Update Name

The name of the update, which is created by Novell.

Update GUID

The update’s GUID.

Release Date

The date the update was released by Novell.

Download Date

The date you downloaded the content of the update, including all files necessary to install the update.

Priority Level

The relative importance of the update’s content to your ZENworks installation. Some possible entries:

OPTIONAL: Not required for normal operation of ZENworks.

MANDATORY: A required update that must be applied.


Brief information about the purpose of the update and its content.


Indicates whether the target devices are Primary Servers only, all managed devices, or servers with ZENworks roles.

Product Version

The version of ZENworks in this update.

Prerequisite Updates

Any updates that are required for this update.

Superseded Updates

Any updates that the current update supersedes.

Update Notes

Brief information about important issues related to the update.

Update Readme

Information pertinent to deploying the update, such as last-minute instructions. Click this entry to open the Readme.

Updated Files

Lists all of the files contained in the update that will be applied to update your ZENworks software.