36.4 Discovery and Deployment Settings

The Discovery and Deployment section contains the following settings:

Advertised Discovery Settings: Specify how often you want your ZENworks system to attempt to discover devices on your network that have the ZENworks pre-agent installed. For more information, see Advertised Discovery Settings.

Discovery: Control the settings used during the discovery processes, including the maximum number of discovery requests that can be running at one time and the technologies to use for the discovery. You can also specify IP and SNMP settings used by the WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) and SNMP discovery technologies. For more information, see Discovery.

Windows Proxy: Specify a managed Windows device in your zone to perform discovery and deployment tasks in place of a ZENworks Server. This is designed primarily to enable ZENworks Servers running on Linux to offload discovery tasks that use Windows-specific discovery technologies such as WMI and WinAPI and deployment tasks that involve Windows managed devices. For more information, see Windows Proxy.