36.7 Inventory Settings

The Inventory section contains the following settings:

Inventory: Configure inventory scanning settings, including on-demand scans, first scans, and recurring scans. You can also specify directories to skip when performing scans and identify software applications that are not contained in the ZENworks Knowledgebase. For more information, see Inventory.

Inventory Schedule: Specify when to run an inventory scan, including specifying that scans do not run automatically or specifying a date-specific, recurring, or event-driven scan. For more information, see Inventory Schedule.

Collection Data Form: Configure which demographic data to collect for a device or devices, such as a user’s name or telephone, which department the user belongs to, and so on. For more information, see Collection Data Form.

Collection Data Form Schedule: Configure how you send out the Collection Data Form. You can schedule it as part of a regular inventory scan, you can use a Device Quick Task, or you can use the Collection Data Form Schedule. For more information, see Collection Data Form Schedule.

Inventory Only: Configure inventory scan settings for devices in the zone that don’t have the ZENworks Adaptive Agent installed but do have the Inventory Module installed. This type of scan is useful for devices running Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, NetWare, and Mac OS X. For more information, see Inventory Only.

Inventory Only Schedule: Configure when to run an Inventory Only scan. For more information, see Inventory Only Schedule.

Inventory Only Reconciliation: Control whether and how new workstations are reconciled to avoid the possibility of duplicates in the database. When a scan is made of a workstation that is new to the Management Zone, it is assigned an identifier. If the identifier is lost, such as by a disk crash, it is assigned a new identifier during the next scan. Reconciliation allows you to check whether the workstation is already in the database. If it is, the identifier in the database is changed to match the new identifier. For more information, see Inventory Only Reconciliation.