VIII Database Management

Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management allows you to back up and restore the embedded Sybase SQL Anywhere database by using the zman command line utility. To back up and restore Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server databases, refer to their documentation.

IMPORTANT:If you plan to back up the ZENworks Server that hosts the ZENworks database, you must ensure that the ZENworks database is backed up at least once before backing up the ZENworks Server (which only needs to be done one time). You can also back up the ZENworks database on a regular basis. However, you can back up the server and the database in any order.

When restoring the ZENworks Server and the database, you must first restore the ZENworks Server, then restore the latest backed-up ZENworks database. For more information about backing up and restoring the ZENworks Server, see Section 10.0, Backing Up and Restoring the ZENworks Server and Certificate Authority.

ZENworks 10 Configuration Management also allows you to migrate the data from the Sybase SQL Anywhere database to an Oracle database.

Review the following sections for detailed information: