C.1 Date Specific

The Date Specific scheduling option lets you specify one or more dates on which to run the event.

Figure C-1 Date Specific Schedule

Start Dates: Click to display a calendar you can use to select a date for the event. You can add multiple dates one at a time.

Run Event Every Year: Select this option to run the event every year on the dates shown in the Start Date(s) list.

Select When Schedule Execution Should Start: Select one of the following options:

Use Coordinated Universal Time (UTC): The Start Time is converted to Universal Coordinated Time (UTC). Select this option to indicate that the Start Time you entered is already in Coordinated Universal Time and should not be converted. For example, suppose you are in the Eastern time zone. If you enter 10:00 a.m. and select this option, the Start Time is scheduled for 10:00 UTC. If you don’t select this option, the Start Time is scheduled for 14:00 UTC because Eastern time is UTC - 4 hours.