1.0 Overview

The ZENworks Adaptive Agent is a part of the Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management software that lets your administrator manage devices over the network. The ZENworks Adaptive Agent, commonly referred to as the Adaptive Agent, provides services that help the administrator do the following without visiting your device:

The administrator can also choose to use your device as:

Each of these services is provided through the use of modules that plug in to the Adaptive Agent. The default modules included with the Adaptive Agent are the Policies, Bundles, Inventory, Remote Management, Windows Proxy, and Satellite.

Depending on the services implemented by the administrator, one or more of these modules might not be active on your device. For example, if your administrator does not intend to remotely access your workstation, the Remote Management module might not be installed on the device. Consequently, the Remote Management tab is not displayed in the ZENworks Adaptive Agent page on the device.

To view which modules are active on your device, see Section 2.0, Status.