Enabling Users to Manage Applications

Application Launcher/Explorer includes a Manage Applications feature that enables users to cache applications, remove applications from the cache, install applications from the cache, and uninstall applications. By default, this feature is disabled to maintain administrative control over these processes. However, you may find it necessary or desirable to enable this feature for some users:

To enable users to manage their applications:

  1. In ConsoleOne, right-click the User, Group, or container object for the users whom you want to enable the Manage Applications feature > click Properties.

  2. Click the Application Launcher tab to display the Launcher Configuration page.

    Launcher Configuration page

  3. Click Edit to display the Launcher Configuration dialog box.

    Launcher Configuration dialog box with the User tab displayed

  4. In the Settings list (User tab), select Enable Manage Applications Dialog > set the option to Yes.

  5. Click OK > OK to save the changes.

  6. To use the feature, at a user's workstation, right-click the Application Launcher/Explorer icon > click Manage Applications.

    For information about using the Manage Applications features, click Help in the Application Launcher/Explorer window.