Installation Prerequisites

Before you install and configure Novell® ZENworks® for Desktops (ZfD) to run with Novell Cluster ServicesTM (NCS), make sure that all of the hardware and software requirements for the respective products are met, including:

In addition to these prerequisites, you must also perform the following procedures before you run the ZfD installation program on each cluster:

To authenticate to each node:

  1. From a Novell ClientTM login, use the Admin user and password to log in to the NCS virtual server.

  2. Browse the directory tree where the cluster nodes are located.

  3. Right-click a node object > click Authenticate.

  4. Enter the user account (probably Admin) and the password necessary to authenticate.

To prepare cluster nodes for ZfD:

  1. Upgrade each node to ConsoleOne® 1.3.2.

    ConsoleOne 1.3.2 (or later), included on the ZfD 3.2 Companion CD must be installed on each cluster node for ZfD to work properly. For more information, see Obtaining and Installing ConsoleOne in Installation and Setup in ZENworks for Desktops 3.2 Getting Started Guide.

    If you want to install ZfD 3.2 Support Pack 1, upgrade each node to ConsoleOne 1.3.3.

  2. Unload Java* on each node.

    To avoid an error message displayed by the ZfD installation program if Java is running on the server (that is, the cluster node), you should unload Java before you begin the ZfD installation there. To do this, you need to have System console access to each servicing node. At the system console for each node, enter the following command:

    unload java

  3. For NetWare 5.x or NetWare 6 servers, see Obtaining and Setting Up CVSBIND on Each Node for NetWare 5. x or NetWare 6 Servers .

  4. Install the Novell Client on the workstation. For more information about installing the appropriate client, see Obtaining and Installing the Novell Client in Installation and Setup in ZENworks for Desktops 3.2 Getting Started Guide.