General ZfD 3.2 SP1 Installation Procedure

To install ZfD 3.2 SP1 in a network configured with Novell Clustering Services (NCS):

  1. From a network workstation configured with the proper Novell Client, log in as Admin to the directory tree where your cluster resides and map a drive to a previously configured cluster node.

    IMPORTANT:  Make sure that this workstation and all other administrative workstations are not running ConsoleOne while the ZfD installation is running.

  2. Download and install the ZfD 3.2 SP1 server-side update from TID 2963839 at Novell Support Web site.

    For more information on how to install the ZfD 3.2 SP1 server-side update, see the ZfD 3.2 SP1 server-side Readme at the ZfD 3.2 documentation Web site.

  3. Run INSTALL.EXE from the directory where you downloaded ZfD 3.2 SP1.

  4. Click English > Install ZENworks to launch the Novell Installation Service (NIS) program.

    NOTE:  You have the option of clicking Back to change your install preferences at any time while the NIS setup program is running.

  5. Click Next to display the End User License Agreement for the ZfD software > read the agreement > click Accept if you agree with the terms of the license and the limited warranty.

    If you do not agree with the terms of the software agreement, do not install the software.

  6. In the Install Prerequisites screen, ensure that the cluster node to which you are installing meets the minimum requirements listed > click Accept when you have read the list.

  7. In the ZENworks List of Trees dialog box, click the check box for the name of the eDirectory tree > click Next.

  8. In the ZENworks List of Servers dialog box, click the check box for the name of the cluster node or nodes > click Next.

  9. In the Languages dialog box, click the language of the files that you have chosen to be installed to the server > Next.

    NOTE:  English is chosen by default and must be installed in addition to any other language you choose.

  10. In the Summary dialog box, review the list of the products to be installed and the disk space that each product will consume when installed > click Finish to begin the installation process.