029: Unable to generate the .STR file name. Contact Novell Technical Services.

Source:  Scanner

Severity:  Warning

Explanation:  The Scanner collects the scan data in a .STR file.

The convention of the .STR filename is: macaddress_gmt_sequencenumber.STR

where macaddress is the MAC address of the workstation, gmt is the time at which the workstation is scanned for the first time, sequencenumber is the internal sequencing number of the workstation, and .STR is the file extension.

For example, 00508b12b2c4_944029836000_10.STR is the .STR file for the workstation with a MAC address of 00508b12b2c4, a GMT of 944029836000, and an internal sequencing number of 10.

This error occurs if the Scanner is unable to generate the filename for the .STR file.

Action:  If the problem persists, contact Novell Technical Services.

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