804: Unable to add the STARTINV.NCF entry in the ZFDSTART.NCF file on the server servername.

Source:  Inventory Installation

Severity:  Critical

Explanation:  On NetWare servers, the installation program modifies the ZFDSTART.NCF file located in SYS:\SYSTEM to load STARTINV.NCF. The STARTINV.NCF file in SYS:\SYSTEM brings up the Inventory Service Manager at server startup.

The installation program adds the STARTINV.NCF entry in the ZFDSTART.NCF file. Before adding the entry, the installation program checks if the entry is already present in the ZFDSTART.NCF file. This error occurs while updating the ZFDSTART.NCF file.

Action:  In the ZFDSTART.NCF file, add the following entry:

;ZENWORKS for DESKTOPS 3.0 Settings