Service Manager Error Messages

602: Unable to start the ZENworks Inventory Service.
603: Unable to read the Inventory Service object in NDS.
604: Unable to read the role of the server.
605: Unable to identify the NCP server corresponding to the Inventory Service object in NDS.
606: Unable to read the NCP Server object corresponding to the Inventory Server.
607: The Service Manager is unable to proceed due to an NDS error.
608: Invalid Scan file path.
609: Roll-Up Policy is not configured.
610: Database Location Policy is not configured.
611: Intermediate Server is not configured.
612: Unable to authenticate as Roll-Up Policy in NDS.
613: Unable to authenticate as the next-level server in NDS.
614: Unable to authenticate as Database Location Policy in NDS.
615: Schedule is not set in the Roll-Up policy.
616: Schedule in the Roll-Up policy is corrupted.
617: Unable to get the site information from the database.
618: The effective Roll-Up policy for this server points to itself as the next level server.
622: Unable to get information from the database.
623: The database attached to this server does not have ZfD 3.2 installed on it.
624: ZfD 3.2 is not installed on this server.
625: ZfD 3.2 roll out on the server failed.
626: ZfD 3.2 installation did not complete. Run the installation program.

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