Storer Error Messages

101: Invalid username or password.
102: Unable to load the Sybase JDBC driver file (JDBCDRV.ZIP).
103: Unable to load the Oracle JDBC driver file (CLASSES111.ZIP).
104: Unable to connect to the database server.
105: Database connection failed.
107: This scanned file is corrupt. Unable to store in the database.
121: Unable to read the Database Location policy.
122: Unable to read the database directory (DBDIR) from the policy.
141: Unable to read mapping file. MAP.SER is missing or corrupted.
142: Unable to read association file. ASSOCIATION.SER is missing or corrupted.
143: The database directory (DBDIR) does not exists.
151: Workstation is not found in the database.
152: The .STR file is corrupted. Schedule a Full scan of the workstation from the Inventory Service object.
153: The scan data is not updated in the database. The scan data stored in the database is newer than the data of the .STR files.
200: The Storer has updated the database.

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