837: Unable to create the TracerMedia Property file on the server servername.

Source:  Inventory Installation

Severity:  Warning

Explanation:  The installation program creates the text file TRACERMEDIA.PROPERTIES in the WMINV\PROPERTIES directory. This error occurs if the file cannot be created.

Action:  Create the TRACERMEDIA.PROPERTIES file.

On NetWare, the contents are as follows:

com.novell.utility.trace.TraceMediumConsole = ON; INFORMATION
com.novell.utility.trace.TraceMediumFile = ON; ALL; location_of_the_file\INVSERVERLOG.TXT
com.novell.utility.trace.TraceMediumWindow = OFF; VERBOSE

where location_of_the_file specifies the path of the INVSERVERLOG.TXT. The default directory is SYS:\\PUBLIC\\ZENWORKS\\WMINV on NetWare servers.