1062: Unable to add the ZfD switch options in the MGMTDBS.NCF file on the server servername.

Source:  Inventory Installation

Severity:  Warning

Explanation:  The installation program adds the following entries in the MGMTDBS.NCF file on the server:

load SYS:\ZENWORKS\DATABASE\DBSRV7 -gn 50 -c 32M -tl 300 -ti 0 -m -n ip_address_of_database_server -x tcpip SYS:\ZENWORKS\DATABASE\MGMTDB.DB SYS:\ZENWORKS\DATABASE\NAL.DB

Action:  Ensure that the entries exist in the MGMTDBS.NCF file. Also, see Sybase Database Startup Parameters in Workstation Inventory in Administration Guide.

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