4.3 Discovering Virtual Machines

You can use VMs you have previously created or VMs you have built using other hypervisors in your data center. To make use of these VMs, you need to run a discover job. Use the Orchestrator Console to detect VMware Server, VMware Virtual Center, and Xen VM host machines. After you have detected the host machines, you can detect the VMs contained on the host machines and in other VM storage repositories.

NOTE:These steps assume you have already discovered and incorporated all physical resources of the data center, including the host machine (which will list as a physical resource). If you have not done this, see Section 3.1.1, Discovering Physical Resources. For information on discovering VM host machines, see

After you have discovered your VM hosts, search your data center for the stored VM images. This search seeks VMs stored already on the host machines and any Gold Master versions of the VMs stored in the VM Warehouse. This discovery process applies to Xen, VMware Server, and VMware Virtual Center VMs. To discover VMs in the entire data center:

  1. Click Provision > Discover VM Images.

  2. Select the provisioning adapter.

  3. Select the source repository or repositories.

  4. Click Add to add the source repository to the target repository list.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Look at the Jobs window in the Orchestrator Console to verify the job has started.

When you discover VMs, they are listed both under their specific VM technology and under the VMs section, as shown in the following figure:

Figure 4-9 Resource Tree with VMs