This command lists all of the running servers.


zosadmin list     [--grid=] [--id=] [--server=] [--rmiport] [--rmipath] [--rmihost=] [--rmiurl=] [--timeout=]  


-g, --grid=

Select by grid name.

-i, --id=

Select by kernel ID.

-s=, --server=

Select by host name.

-P=, --rmiport=

Select by RMI port.

-J=, --rmipath=

Select or specify the RMI bind path.

-H=, --rmihost=

Select or specify the RMI host (can be different from server host).

-r=, --rmiurl=

Select by full RMI URL.

-t=, --timeout=

Sets the query timeout (in seconds).

-V, --debug

Turn on debug output during this operation.

-v, --verbose

Turn on verbose output during this operation.

-h, --help

Display a help message for this operation.