This command displays session information.


zosadmin sessions [id=] [--node=] [--user=] [--all] [--allNodes] [--allUsers] [--subSessions] [--inactive] [--full] [--connaddr] [--noDns]


-i, --id <value>

Display this session for this session ID.

-n, --node <value>

Display sessions for the specified node.

-u, --user <value>

Display sessions for the specified user.

-a, --all

Display sessions for all clients.

-N, --allNodes

Display sessions for all nodes.

-U, --allUsers

Display sessions for all users.

-s, --subSessions

Include subsession entries.

-I, --inactive

Include inactive entries.

-f, --full

Include full session information.

-c, --connaddr

Include local and remote addresses.

-d, --noDns

Do not look up host names in DNS.

-V, --debug

Turn on debug output during this operation.

-v, --verbose

Turn on verbose output during this operation.

-h, --help

Display a help message for this operation.