This command allows forceful disconnect or revocation of user or node sessions.


zosadmin disconnect       [--id=] [--node=] [--user=] [--all]  [--allUsers] [--allNodes] [--revoke]


-i=, --id=value

Disconnect an active session by its session ID.

-n=, --node=value

Disconnect a node by name.

-u=, --user=value

Disconnect all of a user’s sessions by name.

-a, --all

Disconnect all user and node sessions.

-U, --allUsers

Disconnect all user sessions.

-N, --allNodes

Disconnect all node sessions.

-r, --revoke

Revoke the session or sessions in addition to disconnecting.

-V, --debug

Turn on debug output during this operation.

-v, --verbose

Turn on verbose output during this operation.

-h, --help

Display a help message for this operation.